Upon stepping through the front doors of your new gym, rows of machines and various equipment can be an intimidating sight. If you’ve never been one for working out at the gym before, you might not even have a clue about where to begin. How can you be sure that you’re using everything around you in the healthiest and safest way?

You hire a personal trainer.

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are numerous, but we’ve broken down five of the very best reasons below.

A Personal Trainer Reduces Your Chances of Injury

Machines and equipment can cause accidental damage to your body if misused, with some of that injury capable of being quite serious. It’s not enough to jump right in and hope that you’re doing everything correctly. You should know the proper form for that particular equipment and be educated in techniques to help you advance your fitness gradually as to minimize the risk of harm. Personal trainers take your safety very seriously and will show you everything that you need to know about using the equipment around you.

They May Also Get You Better, Faster Results

A personal trainer puts their years of experience and education to work for their clients, which is significantly more efficient than trying to go solo and hope that you’re doing everything right. Your trainer will be able to take into account your schedule, your physical limitations, your starting point and your end goals to create a personalized plan that ensures more timely, long-lasting results.

They’ll Motivate You Toward Success

One of the toughest things about developing good workout habits is motivating yourself to get it done. If you’re struggling to get through your workout session, your personal trainer will elevate your confidence and show you that you are capable of a great deal more than you’d ever thought before.

Their Insight Will Help You Stay Healthier for Life

One of the main responsibilities of personal trainers is to ensure that their clients are taking away positive exercise habits that will benefit them in the short and long-term. While working with you, your trainer will encourage you to continue making healthier life choices, remain active, and take the hurdles of your fitness journey with stride.

You’ll Be Able to Conquer Those Plateaus

When you start working out, losing weight might come easily for a while. But after some time, you might notice that your progress seems slowed or even halted. These “plateaus” are challenging to overcome, but not for a personal trainer. Professional trainers know what causes this as well as how to push beyond it in order to achieve your goals.